Company Information

About Improv Electronics

Improv Electronics is the consumer products unit of Kent Displays. Improv Electronics launched the Boogie Board Original 8.5 LCD eWriter in January 2010. Several additional models were launched over the following years. Boogie Board LCD eWriters are now sold in approximately 30 countries through a wide variety of retailers.

About Kent Displays

Founded in 1993 as the result of a joint venture between Kent State University and Manning Ventures, Kent Displays is a world leader in the research, development and manufacture of Reflex liquid crystal displays (LCDs) for unique, sustainable applications including eWriters, electronic skins, smartcards and eReaders. Revolutionary Reflex LCDs retain an image without power and offer superior optical characteristics including sunlight-readability and wide viewing angles. All Reflex LCDs are made on flexible plastic substrates and reflect ambient light to produce an image. They use no power to retain an image and only a small amount to change it. Reflex LCDs are made in the U.S.A. at Kent Displays headquarters in Kent, Ohio.

In October 2008, Kent Displays installed a new roll-to-roll production line in Kent to mass produce Reflex LCDs from rolls of plastic. The line was the first of its kind in the world and produces no waste water/chemicals and less solvent emissions than sheet-based processes. Kent Displays recently installed a second roll-to-roll line at its Kent headquarters.