Say Goodbye to Paper.

Every time you push the button on the Boogie Board LCD eWriter, you say 'goodbye' to paper and 'hello' to a greener world.

How does the Boogie Board LCD eWriter save trees?

Boogie Board Paperless LCD eWriters are an environmentally-friendly, cost-effective paper replacement. With each button push of the Boogie Board eWriter, a piece of paper is saved. More paper saved means less trees need to be cut down. Together we can reduce our global consumption of paper and the demand for it.

Save 50 reams of U.S. Letter sized paper with just one Boogie Board Original 8.5 LCD eWriter

How does this translate into actual cost savings?

There are paper savings with individual use, but schools and large organizations can especially see the cost benefits. For example:

One age group of students K-12 using Boogie Board eWriters = 10 billion sheets saved


One Boogie Board Original 8.5 LCD eWriter could potentially be used by one student from kindergarten thru high school (At 20 erasures/day, and with a maximum of 50K total erase cycles, the usable life = 13+ years)
One age group equals approximately 4 million students (Source: 2006 U.S. Census)
Paper savings based on annual consumption of four 5"x8" notepads per student. 50 sheets/pad.

Total Sheets Saved Calculation:
4 pads/year x 4 million students = 16 million pads/year
16 million pads/year x 13 years = 208,000,000 total pads
208 million pads x 50 sheets/pad = 10 billion sheets

Paper Cost Calculation (one student, 13 years, USD):

Cost per "Sheet" (Boogie Board Paperless LCD eWriter): $40 (suggested retail) / 50,000 erasures = $0.0008
Cost per Sheet (paper): $31 (52 pads x $0.58 each) / 2600 sheets (52 pads x $50 sheets each) = $0.012 (15x more than the Boogie Board LCD eWriter cost)